Happy Birthday Smaller One

Tomorrow my little sister will be 20! I'm not entirely sure how this has happened...she must surely still be about 12! Never the less, she is now a quarter of the way to becoming a teacher, so she must almost be a real grown up too. Crikey!

As she is soon to be my maid of honour, tomorrow we're off to A Most Curious Wedding Fair in Norwich! Our first one, and although it's small, I'm pretty excited!

So now, to bed...pip pip x

It seems I'm going to have to put the link here as I'm posting this from my phone in the middle of the night! Details of said wedding fair can be found here


  1. happy birthday, little sister! I also cannot believe that my tiny baby brother is now a... man. Weird!

    1. It's incredibly odd isn't it! She's just gone back to Uni again - feels like 5 minutes ago she had all her friends round for a sleepover! xxx