Finally {engaged}

Good evening everyone.

Right, prepare yourself for the longest post ever! Here, as promised, are some more images from our engagement shoot! We had so much fun messing about with props and laughing at each other, and we're both so over the moon with the photos!

We went down to the beach, starting on the cliff top where D proposed, sitting on what we now think of as 'our' bench. It all started off very reserved and serious, and quickly descended into cart wheeling ridiculousness! Enjoy!

I was so terrified I was going to drop this monster of a lens into the sea!

Crying with laughter already - I seem to remember this is when the 60th birthday party (of about 100 people!) turned up to have a nose at what we were up to!

I was really pleased with how the banners came out! I bought a couple of sets of vintage Lexicon playing cards and strung them onto peach coloured lace and white and gold polka dot ribbon (some close ups of the process here) - they were a bit of a pain in the wind though!

I think this one's my favourite!

A bit of forward planning there for some save the date cards in the near future! 

We're both lefties who don't got on too well with chalk (or handwriting generally!)

"It feels like this"

It took D an awfully long time to climb onto that rock!

It was worth it though even if it was the spikiest thing ever!

We thought running towards the camera would be a good idea... wasn't - D just fell over and I look like a crazy person!

No, I've changed my mind, this one's my favourite!

Or this one...


And there you have it. I am just so excited to finally be engaged. We're in full wedding planning mode at the moment, and went to see our first venue last night (which by the way was gorgeous!) and it's so much fun! Mostly though, even more than the flowers and dresses and cake, I'm looking forward to finally being married to my best friend in the world!

P.S We bought our lovely wooden props from this wonderful lady on etsy.


  1. All the pictures are AMAZING!! You both look sooo happy together and sooo in love it's too cute :) all the best for the wedding planning xxx

  2. These are such lovely pictures, shows the happiness that you both have and you look so beautiful! Xx

  3. Thank you so much! We're so chuffed with them! xxx

  4. They're such great pictures that capture your happiness so well.x

  5. Aw, these are so awesome!! You guys look so happy and in love. I think the one of you sitting on his shoulders is my fave. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love that one too, I got a tiny print done for my diary this year. I still love looking at these! xxx