Just a little thank you...

Hi everyone, sorry for the huge posting gap I've had recently. I have so much to tell you all about, but I can't seem to find the time to sit and write it all down. Today's post will therefore be a quick one, to show you the little thank you cards I made to give to people who gave us engagement gifts. 

They took considerably longer to make than I had anticipated, but I think they came out really cute.

I adapted some beautiful picnic invitations from "Eat, Drink, Chic", adding a monogram and changing the wording around a bit. 

I also used the adorable little tag pockets that come with the invitation templates. I used black photo corners to attach the cards to the front of the tags, and some little strips of star print tape for the back. I swapped out the string in the tags for some coral pink lace, and had to slightly doctor some kraft paper envelopes to make them the right size. Then I realised I really couldn't ruin the prettiness with my abysmal handwriting, so I made some grey name cards and taped them to the front.

All ready to say thank you! 

I still have to show you some of our engagement shoot and engagement party photos, what a terrible blogger I have become. 

In other news, I am 24 tomorrow! I do not feel ready to be such an age at all! It feels like five minutes ago I was telling you all about my 23rd birthday.

Anyway, hopefully more regular blogging will resume shortly. Much love folks!

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