Sorting and Slouching

Evening everyone! I hope you're all well on this slightly damp and drizzly Thursday. 

The boyfriend and I had grand plans for this week, as I work in a school so have had a little holiday, and this is his last week off before he starts his new job, we were going to go on all sorts of jaunts in the sun. However, my little car decided it didn't want to play, and the weather wasn't too keen either, so we've spent time at home, sorting and slouching, which has actually been really lovely. Here's a little glimpse from instagram.

I sorted out my bedside cabinet come dressing table, and have vowed to keep it this way instead of allowing it to become a bird's nest of hair grips and necklaces:

Speaking of necklaces, I have 'installed' several hooks on the inside of all my wardrobe doors to keep jewellery and belts from becoming tangled or lost in drawer:

I sorted through my recipe books...I have a fair few:

Anyone who knows me will be well aware of my love of stationary, and my empty notebooks got their usual sort out too...a have a fair few of these too...37 to be precise:

We also got the bus to Norwich (which I haven't done since I was at college, I'm not a huge public transport fan!), where we had the best sandwiches in Clark and Ravenscroft, you can read the boyfriends review of it on our other blog Our Independent Year:

We messed about like children in out new favourite coffee shop Union Yard:

And we chilled out with Wilson, who is just the loveliest, funniest little animal I've ever seen:

I hope you've all had a relaxed few Jubilee days off too! 

Much love xxx


  1. Love all your pics! Instagram is so much fun :) What a cutie Wilson is...he is totally just chillin!

    1. Thank you! I do love that little bird! xxx