What you read and a pigeon fiasco!

Good evening everyone! Here's this week's little offering of Pinterest picks:

Pretty Ink Script from: Neither Snow - Pinned by Harriet
Pom Poms and Twinkly Lights: Wedding Secret - Pinned by Montse C N
Paper Present Pouches from: Crate Paper Blog - Pinned by Cheryl @ A Pretty Cool Life
Lovely Floral from: The Berry - Pinned by Amanda Reyes
Off White perfection from: Georgiana Design - Pinned by Tracy Riffle
Simple Sugar from: Wellies and Vogue

And as per usual, my quote of the week, this week from the glorious and ever inspirational Mr. Oscar Wilde:

The only problem with this is that what I read when I don't have to is hopeless 'chick-lit' about a disillusioned woman who moves to the country side and opens a cake/sweet/craft shop then falls in love with the local vet/farmer/ice cream man and lives happily ever after...if only hey, although I'd rather the boyfriend was in a career slightly more profitable than ice cream to be honest! 

I have had a very interesting evening. My Dad (who is terrified of birds and anything else likely to flap at him) went into the garage and found the biggest pigeon I've ever seen sitting on his step ladder all puffed up like it was about to go to sleep! He tried going in to scare it out...but HE kept getting scared and running back out again! Then he tried poking it a bit with the handle of a hoe, but that didn't work either (I might add that all the while Mum, the boyfriend and I were all falling about laughing and not helping at all!) We finally took pity on him and sent him indoors while D managed to coax it onto the hoe and brought it out of the garage...at which point it tried to get in the house (seriously!) then flew up onto the garage roof. We noticed at this point that it has a ring on each leg, and is most likely a lost homing pigeon. Anyway, it is still here over 5 hours later, currently roosting quite happily on the outside light right next to the front door, so Dad is trapped in the house! If it's still there in there in the morning I shall phone the RSPCA and get them to come and rescue him (by him I mean my Dad!) 

I hope you're evenings have been as exciting as mine, I will keep you updated on the pigeon situation! 

Much love everyone x

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