Just like the good old days...

Evening all! 

Do you remember when you used to go to a photo booth to get passport or driving licence photos (or just to see how many people you could get in at once!) and the machine would take 4 or sometimes 5 different images, so you could pull a different silly face in each one (obviously not for your passport that is!) Now though, you can keep re-taking your photo until you get it just right, then all your prints are the same...how boring! It definitely takes aways some of the magic, and very nearly all the fun (you can still play with the twirly stool) of going to a photo booth. However, today I discovered something via The Creative Place that won't quite give you the fun of squeezing 10 people into a confined space, but will give you the photographic results of the old machines:

Photoboother is an online photo booth which uses digital photographs and a choice of six frames to create images reminiscent of those strips of photos from the old machines. You just choose a frame, upload for images then click "develop", after which you can download, email, or order prints from your image. I made a super quick one:

I really like how they look, and I think given a bit more thought, they could look even more convincing, if you took the images against a curtained background form instance. I think they could work brilliantly for save the dates, with images of the couple holding up words or messages, or how cute would children's party invitations look! How about gift tags for Christmas, which each member of your family wearing a Santa hat and holding up words. Ok, it's March and I mentioned Christmas...what is the world coming to! 

In other news, I have booked a stall at my first craft fair...yaaay!! It's on the 2nd of June, in Norfolk, I'll do details later as I can't imagine anyone reading will be inclined to come as most of you live about 5000 miles away! 

Right, I do believe it is bedtime, so I'll be off. 

Until next time everyone x

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  1. I will come to your craft stall!! I'm sure the other girlies will come too :) xx