So that was Christmas...

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope that while I have been flying around trying to get everything done (and not letting anyone help me), that you have been having a lovely relaxing festive period, and have had a perfect start to your New Year! I thought this post should be a little round up of Christmas at our house, starting with a couple of presents!

The first is this gift I bought the lovely is small and mostly green, incredibly loud, and lives here (in fact if you look closely you can see...)

The present is a he. He goes by the name of Wilson, and he is a peach faced love bird! In actual fact, we have had him 5 weeks, so he was an early Christmas present, but trying to wrap him would have been tricky anyway!

He's a bit of a character. In the short time we've had him, he has learned so much. While he isn't quite confident enough to come out yet, he will eat from the boyfriends hand, come and play with your finger through the bars, and today decided to have a go at nibbling his masters nose!

Here he is tucking into a sunflower seed, apologies for the terrible photo, he is really camera shy strangely! 

Another gift I wanted to share is the one we got both of our parents. It didn't cost much, but I think it meant a lot...

We had these photos printed and framed, with the date each was taken written on the mounts. They were taken four years apart, on the day we moved in together at the start of our degrees, when we were 18 and 20, and the day we moved out four years later, aged 22 and 24 in July 2011. We got a set done for ourselves too, and it's strange looking back at how much we've grown and changed, and realising how lucky we are to have grown up together and still want the exact same things. The fact that I look a state in both photos is neither here nor there...I love them.

I've also made several gifts for several little people this year:

Bunting for little girls...

Bunting for baby boys,

and some garlands for two very special first Christmases, one for baby Ria...

and one for baby Danny..

I made cake for the boyfriends brother, with an excessive amount of glitter...

and cake for myself (still with plenty of glitter...)

and some cupcakes for a birthday between Christmas and New Year...complete with a certain David Essex, edible of course! 

what with all those, a million mince pies and sausage rolls, a couple of batches of turkish delight, two more cakes and prepping for a huge Christmas dinner on Christmas day and Boxing day, by the time Christmas morning arrived, I was exhausted.

Until I unwrapped my Harry Potter lego duvet set! I was so very excited. I have plans to turn it into a couple of quilted blankets and two cushions, because I don't think the boyfriend will be persuaded to sleep in a single bed with me even if it does have a Harry Potter duvet! I got lots of other lovely things too, slippers and boots from Anthro, the most amazing Snitch necklace, a dressing gown and pj's, and a lovely leather filofax from Wilson! I didn't know lovebirds could be so thoughtful! 

After dinner was done, the rest of the day panned out pretty much as all Christmases do...sleepily and with a new book or in the case of my sister and Nanny...a kindle,

I love this photo, they both look so confused and funny.

I did take a brilliant little series of photos of my Grandad opening my present to him. You see, for the last year he has been working on the present my Aunty, his Daughter bought him last Christmas. It was a book of questions about his life entitled 'Dad, from You to Me' which he was to fill in and return to her to read. Questions about his life, and hers, and their relationship. Well, for the whole time he has been doing it he has moaned and grumbled about the computer settings and not being able to scan the photographs and having no idea what to write, but secretly really enjoying it. He finished it a few weeks before I decided to get him another one, partly to wind him up, but partly because I can't wait to read what he writes, and this time it's called 'Grandad, from You to Me'

He and Nanny are intrigued...

Grandad is wondering what it could be, Nanny has lost interest...

Grandad has realised what it is and is laughing uncontrollably...Nanny looks horrified! 

Now he is dreading having to fill it all in again! Merry Christmas Grandad!

And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you too. I hope you too got some lovely presents, spent time with the people you love, laughed uncontrollably and ate too much cake! 

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