Shake, Rattle and Roll

Afternoon everyone! Please excuse the super cheesy title, it just seemed to fit quite well with what I'm about to show you!

While we were Snape Maltings last week, I spotted some cute paper garlands, finished with little felt balls. They were selling for around £5, and my first thought was "I could definitely make these", so I went hunting. I found plenty of places stocking these little felt balls, but they're really quite pricey, and as felt making is completely magical, and one of my favourite things to do ever, I decided to buy some wool tops and have a go at making some!

Coincidentally, I had just come across this tutorial from Mega Crafty on making felt balls in a plastic container, so this...

Image from

becomes this...

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Just looks magic doesn't it! 

Head over to Mega Crafty for the full tutorial...I can report that it works brilliantly (and even more brilliantly if you get your boyfriend to do the shaking!) Not that our first attempt came out perfect of course, in fact the first was distinctly un-ball shaped!

Less ball, more alien I feel! With a bit of playing about with the shape of the container, and the amount of wool, water and soap however, we had soon made these...

Now I want to make hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of them and make garlands all over the place! I'm thinking holly berries for Christmas, tiny snowmen and christmas puddings, and I have quite a strong desire to stitch them all over a jumper!   

On a side note, while out hunting for felt balls and wool tops (which by the way I ended up buying a Hobby Craft) we had the biggest hotdogs I've ever seen...

Bye for now lovelies 


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