Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Evening everyone!

This will just be another super quick post to show you what I've been up to in the last few days. My very best friend asked me months ago if I could make her a halloween costume, and I totally forgot until about a week ago. When I did remember, I went flying off to buy white blankets, gold fabric and pipe cleaners...can you guess who she's dressing up as.....

Yep, she's going as Max from Where the Wild Things Are! I absolutely love this book and really enjoyed making the costume. I used a hoodie and a pair of pyjama bottoms to make the pattern, then made the top part and the legs in two separate bits and sewed them together. The crown has some stiff felt inside it to make it stand, as do the ears which are stitched into extra seams on the hood. You can see the ears better in this photo of me testing it out! 

I got a bit carried away trying to actually be Max

Good likeness don't you think! 

The costume does have a tail too, which I made from a vintage faux fur collar and attatches with a safety pin, and I very nearly made Max's sceptre too, but decided that might be going a little too far! 

I hope you like it! Ooh I just realised this will be my 99th post...I'd better go and plan something pretty spectacular for my 100th! 

Night night lovelies

Eleanor x

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