Messing About on the River

Good evening everyone, how are you all on this fine Sunday? 

The East Anglian weather this weekend been unexpectedly lovely, and just as well, because yesterday was my 23rd Birthday, and we decided to go for a drive over the Snape Maltings for the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. Before we left though, I got to open presents, and amongst other things (which I might post about later) I unwrapped this from my wonderful boyfriend:

I spotted it weeks ago after reading Artemis' post about the Anorak sleeping bags she bought for herself and Nao, and fell in love, and I was so excited when I unwrapped it! Isn't he the best?!

Until we arrived, I was under the impression that Snape Maltings was a place name. However, it turns out Snape is the small village nearby, and Snape Maltings is a disused brewery which has been converted into a gorgeous little world of shops, galleries, cafés and general loveliness. For two days every Autunm, it hosts the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, which sees it taken over by marquees packed with purveyors of local produce, unusual meats and cheeses, AMAZING balsamic vinegars and just about every type of food imaginable. Yum!

As it was my birthday, I had a few pennies to spend! The first purchase was a giant jar of meadow honey from The Suffolk Larder, a small Suffolk based company which prides itself on producing the very best honeys, mustards and chutneys from local ingredients and selling them in the most adorable hand painted blue and white stoneware pots! Each one is individual, features some well know Suffolk sights and is signed by the artist. I've been swooning over them for months after spotting the jars in a magazine, and I do believe I might become a bit obsessed with collecting them! 

Look how good they all look together! 

We also bought some smoked salt which is incredible, and I've been putting it on everything since (including straight onto my tongue - my blood pressure is going to be terrible one day!) Then we bought 3 different types of chilli jam, one which is so hot I can't imagine what it's going to be used for apart from asking people to try it and laughing at them coughing and spluttering and asking for yoghurt! 

After wandering around the marquees picking at various tasty things, we went to find some lunch. There was so much to choose from it was quite a challenge, but we settled on Mutton Burgers. A lot of people were walking past and turning their noses up at the idea of mutton, but I really think it's got a bad reputation it just doesn't deserve! I had the mutton and mint burger, and the boyfriend went for mutton and chilli, and they were fantastic. We found a bench by the river to sit and munch on them.

And we found a new friend who seemed quite interested in munching on the ducks swimming down below! 

After our burgers were washed down with some local cider, we went for a browse around the little shops and galleries of Snape Maltings. I decided I would like to furnish our whole house with their furniture, they can make you a custom tweed chesterfield couch!! Unfortunately cameras were not allowed in any of the shops, but I would have taken millions in the antique shop. There were rails and rails of vintage wedding dresses, linens and fabrics, and more pieces of jewellery and silverware than I have ever seen. I found an old bus scroll with various local places on it that would have looked brilliant hanging above the stairs (in our ever-fictional house of course) and a wooden cutlery trug which was a real wrench to leave behind! The boyfriend did find a book to add to his Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake Collection though:

I really love this illustration, the mud makes me happy! I did manage to sneak a picture of something I have always always wanted though.

A library chair! A magic chair which turns inside out and becomes a set of steps! I so wanted it!

I did purchase a set of three aluminium canisters in the home ware shop, and rather magically, found this little zip up pouch to go with my new bag! 

I think my exact words were "What a totally exciting day!" It got better....

...We then went into the Concert Hall, and both gasped "wow" at the sight of this epic room! It is literally incredible, look: can get married in there! How beautiful would that be! Of course, we're not actually engaged (yet!) but we've had out hearts set on having our wedding reception at Jimmy's Farm since the first time we visited, and to get married here then drive 20 miles down the road to the farm afterwards would be amazing. I have visions of a string quartet playing our entrance music and filling the room with wild flowers...just need that ring now! 

When we got home, I was in a making sort of mood, and remembered this picture I pinned ages ago:

I didn't have any glow in the dark paint, but I did have glow sticks! So I cut the tops off a few, poured the liquid into 2 jars, and shook them up:

It was really fun, and they look really pretty nestled in the flower beds outside. I'm going to get some glow in the dark paint and do some more, because obviously by this morning all the glow had gone! 

So, there you are, a rather long round up of my birthday adventure, and the first day of my 24th year. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too


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  1. What a great birthday. Love the bag and those honey jars are gorgeous, definitely start a collection.