In Teeny Tiny Awe of Dalton Getty

Evening all!

I just wanted to share something with you that the boyfriend stumbled across today that is truly amazing! 

This is the work of Dalton Getty, a man who has spent the last 25 years meticulously carving pencils into minuscule works of art, in the hope that he can make people stop for a second to appreciate the beauty that can be found in small details. 

I love it so much because his materials are simple, and his methods are so traditional and honest. Also, if I tried it, I'm sure I would end up with a pile of very very broken pencils! I may have used a knife to sharpen a pencil for a long time now (being left handed means pencil sharpeners don't agree with me!) but I simply cannot get my head around the time and patience it must have taken to produce this amazing work! 

Check out that signature - if you can spot it!

Internal and so beautiful!

Completely mind blowing!

I'd quite like to go to his workshop, because I love the smell of graphite and I bet it smells amazing in there! What an odd thing to like so much!

Unfortunately I can't find much information about Dalton Getty online, but all these images are from here and I found a little bit about his work at The Modern Artist

If anyone knows any thing more about him, or where these images came from originally, that would be grand as I can then credit everyone properly, but for now, night everyone x 


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