Eye of a Needle

Evening everyone.

Remember my post a few days ago about Dalton Getty, the amazing pencil lead artist? Well...I showed his work to Rob, an artist from Suffolk and one of my best friends from uni, and set him the challenge of having a go himself. 

And have a go he certainly did! Just look at what him came up with in the space of one day:

Eye of a Needle

Finding the Limit

How completely amazing are they?! His patience with this seriously baffles me! (In fact, his patience with me and my often very silly questions baffles me too!) 

Rob has an interest in machines, and everyday objects which when placed together in just the right way take on an entirely different, and often completely futile function. He worked on machines which could draw on their own, and frequently fell out with the health and safety people at college over his suspicious use of desk fans! He says of himself "I am an artist who enjoys making things, be it an animation, film, sculpture or just an odd machine of some description" 

This piece, "Helicopiano" was shown at the Northern Art Show in Harrogate in 2009. After acquiring a second hand piano, he began building in our college studio, playing with materials and found objects until he had came up with an idea for an interactive installation. You can see the finished piece in this video, and it really speaks for itself, but I will add that he was inside it for hours! Take a look, and see if you can spot my piece 'Piggies' at the beginning:

I think people's reactions to it were perfect! There was a little window at the front, and people peered into it after putting in their pound, then jumped back in surprise to see Rob scrunched up inside! 

Do have a look at some of his other videos and Photos,  I think he's an incredibly talented conceptual artist, a brilliant photographer, and after inventing a sandwich machine, I do believe he is actually is Caractacus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! 

Oh and look at the two part documentary Gwillam. For weeks Rob carried around a fluffy 'Giraffasaurus" called Gwillam Flemming, apparently made from junk...

...but Gwillam had a secret which resulted in a completely fascinating documentary about the life of an art student...and part two of his story might slightly break your heart!  

Much love everyone! Mwah xxx

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