Crazy Long Time!


Just in case anyone was wondering (which I doubt!) I haven't died or run off with the circus or anything strange! No, this super long absence from blogland has simply been due to the craziest month or two!

At the end of June, we (that is the boyfriend and I) moved out of the house in Leeds we had rented together for four years, and back in with our parents while we save up a deposit to buy a house of our very own! Trying to fit the contents of a four storey house into our two, relatively small childhood bedrooms was a challenge to say the least, but I think everything just about has a home now. While we were packing it certainly didn't look like it was going to fit...

Then two days after we got home, we went to see Take That at Wembley which was incredible! A forty foot robotic man standing up to join in a dance is impressive whether you're a fan or not I feel! 

Then...after two more weeks of unpacking, my family and I set off for our annual two weeks in Cornwall, which so far, is still my favourite place in the world...

...mostly because of these! This scone was very nearly as big as my head!

As per usual, it rained the whole way there! 

But this totally makes up for it, I love seagulls!

We also saw stone henge in the distance...

...and Rick Stein and Dawn French, also from quite a distance! People keep laughing at how far away from them I am in the photo, but Dawn French was frightening, and Rick Stein looked a bit angry! Still, not every day you bump into a famous chef and actress watching a circus at the Eden Project is it!

Also, I recently got another tattoo! I designed it (well, wrote it out in a slightly curly manner!) and I love it! It's a line from the sixth Harry Potter film, when Hermione asks Harry how it feels to see the girl he loves with someone else. She then breaks down in tears at the sight of Ron, the guy she loves, with his girlfriend, and Harry says simply: feels like this.

Does anyone else have that feeling when you love something so much there are no words? It happens to me most in art galleries, when all I want to do is run about and shout about how amazing a piece of work is...but because that usually results in your being removed from said gallery...I have to keep it all in. That's what my tattoo is about, everything I love so much I want to explode, but can't find the words for.

So, there's a very brief catch up of what I've been up to while I haven't been blogging! Hopefully, normal posts will now resume, and you can listen to (or read) my incessant ramblings on a regular basis again! For now though, toddle pip and goodnight x

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