Three Floral Things

To coincide with the new floral look, here are three florals that cropped up this week.

A pretty vintage saucer from my friend at the end of the road and a teeny tiny bracelet reduced to £4 in Urban Outfitters.

...and my favourite vintage shoes. I've had them a few years, but they only seem to surface in the summer, so I dug them out yesterday for the first time this year.

You may have noticed I've been making more changes to the ol' blog. You can now follow me on Twitter (though I'm not guaranteeing I'll say much!), and I'm hoping to get the That is This and This is Heaven Etsy shop up and running soon!

Also, I was thinking of writing what will have to be a super long post about my trip to Tanzania three years ago, when I climbed Kilimanjaro and went on Safari. Let me know if you'd be interested in reading about it and looking at the gazillion photos I took!

Hope you're having a lovely second long weekend! 


  1. I love that bracelet, and those shoes! And the little shop at the end of your road :D Oh the things I would've bought there if only I lived nearby.

  2. I know! I nearly had a fight with a girl over a little leather suitcase when I bought the plate, she picked it up just as I was about to, and it was only £2 and I wanted it, but she got there first :( xxx

  3. I love the first picture, the florals make me happy!


  4. I wanna hear about Tanzania! Post it!


  5. quite simply shoe envy!

    blog looks REALLy pretty! I love the old school floral illustrations.. very cool!

  6. great shoes!