A Little Vintage Spree

Last week I made a little trip to the end of my road, where my favourite junk shop is, and had a little spend. It really was little too, I only spent £10 and bought...

Some old maps of Devon and a Leeds College of Technology exercise book. There was a huge box of exercise books, some of them full of notes and technical drawings, and looking through them it felt like you were looking through someones life! I found this completely empty one, and I don't know what Im going to do with it yet, but the papers all old and stained, and it smells brilliantly old.

This amazing crown shaped mirror. It's chipped and cracked in one corner, but I love it. It's really hard to photograph a mirror, especially when its on a landing with no light (oh the joys of renting!)

And another tin trunk to add to my collection. I already have 2, but this one is a different size so it just had to be done! Also, the trunk was lined with an old Yorkshire Evening Post from 1956.

Some of the adverts are hilarious, gay plastic sandals anyone?

How about diving (or is he falling?) off something in your pants and vest?

If only a wedding ring still cost under a tenner!

I'd so love to go back in time, everything just seemed so simple and brilliant. Of course it's probably a case of the grass being greener, but this newspaper at least makes it look like such a fun time to live in!

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