All Friends Together, The Little Miss and Mr Men


Did anyone else spot the Mr Men and Little Miss taking over Google yesterday? My sister text me saying "Go on Google now!", and when I did I discovered this...

Little Miss Chatterbox! Apparently, creator of the Mr Men and illustrator extraordinaire  Roger Hargreaves would have turned 76 yesterday had he still been alive, and Google decided to pay tribute to him with their page headers, which I later discovered changed every time you refreshed the page! So I refreshed over and over again until I had them all! You see I quite like the Mr Men. (see here and here for evidence!)

How amazing are they! 

As well as refreshing like a maniac, I also made some lemon meringue cupcakes: 

They're really simple, just make basic vanilla cupcakes, cool, then cut a hole in the top of each one, fill said hole with lemon curd, squish the bit of sponge back into the hole, and top with a big pile of meringue before toasting under the grill or with a blow torch if you have one, I also added some sparkly yellow sprinkles. Then serve on an upside down teacup depicting a fox hunt. Obviously. 

I bought the union jack cases from Morrissons a few weeks ago when everyone was in Royal Wedding mode, but I never got round to using them for anything Royal, and I thought they quite suited lemon meringue.

These really were super simple, but If anyone would like the full recipe, just let me know and I'll post it. Also, you may have noticed that I'm now on Pinterest! It's so much fun, and I think I'm a bit addicted to pinning things! It's good though, because now I can keep track of things I want to save without clogging up my desktop or bookmarking everything! Click the link to the right if you want to have a nosey round my boards.  

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. one.. how did I miss Mr Men google day! and two.. wowsers those cupcakes look SO yummy!

  2. Aw thank you! They we're rather good actually, we devoured them all pretty quickly! xxx

  3. Loved Mr Men google day! So fun!

  4. Lemon meringue is my absolute favourite!

  5. Love the upside down tea cup and the cupcakes look delicious! I'm so into lemon these days! Have a good weekend:)