Going Dotty

Good evening! 

I just wanted to share a little something pretty with you all. I found this really cute manicure via Pinterest, and thought I'd try to do it my self.

I decided on a coraly/orangy base (I haven't worn each nail a different colour since I was 15!), and to make the perfect little dots, I bent open a kirby grip (or bobby pin if thats what you call them) and used it to dot tiny blobs of white on top of the orange. 

It turned out like this:

I'm so happy, it looks really cute (if I do say so myself!) It needs a topcoat still, but I'm already thinking of a million different colour combinations, and perhaps letting my nails get long and doing a spotty french manicure.

Hope you like it, and I hope you all had a great weekend!   


  1. Your nails look adorable! I love it

  2. Thank you! It's peeling off now though, so I get to do it again! xxx

  3. Very cute - loving the polka dots!