30 Day Drawing Challenge!

Hello there! 

You may have noticed that I have added a link to my Pinterest boards, and I have become slightly obsessed with it, trawling through the pages and looking at lovely things. Today I found this:

The use of the word "fav" so frequently annoys me a little, but as I'm doing well with my "Create Every Day" challenge (even if I haven't been brilliant at blogging about it!) I thought I'd give it a go. I'll definitely post all my drawings, maybe everyday, but most likely every few days...that's if I can figure out the scanner of course!

I'm sorry I can't find the original source for this image, but I pinned it from Dishes Jones' board. If you do know the original source, please tell me and I'll credit it properly! 

As for creating every day, we have made bread twice this week, I made a little fabric flower collage, and we made these banana ice cream smoothies, which were very yummy:

If you've never made banana ice cream, you have to do it. It's like magic! All you do is peel and chop some ripe bananas (about 1.5 large bananas per portion) freeze them, then whizz them in a food processor, and you get banana "ice cream" with exactly the right texture and taste. You can also add honey, nuts, yoghurt fruit and even instant hot chocolate mix to change the flavour. This is great if you're dairy intolerant! 

For the smoothies, we just whizzed up some strawberries and blueberries, then added a big scoop of banana ice cream, and topped with some more blueberries (which are fun to try and suck onto a straw!)

Let me know if you try out the ice cream, it really is magic! 

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  1. Oh that looks delicious! Thanks for posting!