I'm in a Glass Cage of Emotion

Evening all. 

Despite the title, this post doesn't have anything to do with Anchorman. 

What is does have is possibly my proudest kitchen moment to date. When I looked in through the oven door with a torch at this afternoon's work, I literally skipped about with excitement. The hours were worth it, the tonne of almonds and positive river of eggs did not go to waste. The finicky little thing I've been battling with for nearly a year finally decided to play today. That's right, I finally made PERFECT MACARONS! 

and I was so excited I only remembered to take two photos! 

Theses are Salted Butter Caramel flavour (which you may remember I was obsessing over in London recently) and the recipe came from Secrets of Macarons, by Jose Marechal (who I am now considering the mac authority...sorry Mr Herme, but your recipe didn't work!)

If you want to make perfect macarons but you're struggling, I urge you to try this book out. It's divided into three sections: the first goes into enormous detail about ingredients, methods, equipment, and even gets slightly sciencey about the effect sugar has on egg whites (interesting stuff!), the second is the basic macaron recipes, and the third is speciality recipes for advanced mac bakers, such as swapping some of the almonds for other nuts.

If you'd like to look back over me struggling, I've put together a little macaron round up:

No laughing please!

So, to the glass cage of emotion. I was completely chuffed with myself for finally getting these right, washing up rather exuberantly, and dropped a pint glass into my favourite Jamie Oliver mixing bowl. Somehow the bowl smashed and the glass is fine. I was very upset. 

On a happier note, I did remember to take some photos of the roses the gorgeous boyfriend bought me last week. When I got off my train he was stood in the station holding them, and it felt like we we're meeting after ages apart, when actually it had only been for the afternoon.  


  1. flippen heck those look DELISH!



  2. Thank you :) They we're good, thing is I'm now to scared to make them again incase they go wrong! xxx