A Doodly 'Drawing Nature' Giveaway!

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd share this giveaway from one of my very favourite blogs Creature Comforts.

Artist Jill Bliss has created this interactive, hands on journal to teach artists and non-artists alike to draw nature the way she draws it. I think it looks amazing, and I really love Jills laid back, doodle style. You can see more about Jill and the book in a video interview with her on Creature Comforts, and enter the giveaway if you would like to win a copy.

Obviously this isn't a giveaway I'm running, but I'm sharing it with you for four reasons:

One: Because I think Jill's work is amazing and I've been looking at buying this book for aaaages!
Two: Because sharing it with you gives me an extra chance to win (teehee...cheeky!)
Three: Because I REALLY wanted to use the word doodly.
Four: Because I love reading Creature Comforts. (In fact this is my second post related to it's loveliness, the first is here)

Enjoy, and good luck! Let me know if you're the lucky winner!

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  1. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about this lovely "doodly" book...and thanks for reading my blog too! You're the sweetest! xo Ez