Breaking (or perhaps crumbling) News

Last night while watching highlights of the Royal Wedding, the boyfriend an I spotted something that made us like the new Duke of Cambridge a little bit more. 

Not content with the seven tiered ivory cake made by Fiona Cairns and covered in symbolic sugar paste flowers.

William opted to have a giant version of his childhood favourite made, a three tiered chocolate fridge cake! 

Except when you're Royal it's referred to as "Refrigerated Chocolate Biscuit Cake", obviously.

If you've never had, or made, chocolate fridge cake, I urge you to. It's essentially just melted chocolate and butter mixed with crushed up biscuits, marshmallows, honeycomb, and anything else you care to put in, then left to set (or eaten straight from the bowl with a great big spoon!) It's also sometimes called Tiffin. 

We both decided while watching that this is the cake we want when we get married (if an engagement ring ever materialises that is!) In our first year at Uni we made fridge cake about once a week, with super cheap chocolate and Crunchie bars from the shop at the end of our road. After deciding we didn't want to leave uni 5 stones heavier, we've had to cut down, but I think it's ok to have as much chocolate as you possibly can on your wedding day!

What would your ideal alternative wedding cake be? 

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  1. I'm personally a fan of a homemade yellow cake with buttercream frosting. My fiance and I are getting married in September and neither of us enjoy cake, but I recently made some Martha Stewart buttercream frosting to go with cupcakes for my third graders. We both loved it. There is nothing better than a cake that looks like it was just whipped minutes before. Who knows? I may be making this simple icing for my own wedding cake. I enjoyed reading your blog. Enjoy your weekend.