{being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up}

This line is in one of my favourite songs from high school, all about how being a teen is the best time of your life, full of carefree summers and getting things wrong until one day you figure how how to get it right. I still get all nostalgic when I hear it...but actually I disagree, being grown up is infinitely more fun, and you're through most of the getting it wrong! 

I got certain things incredibly wrong, just look at this photo of me and the boyfriend, we were about 15 and 17 here, and had been together a bit less than a year (ahh!)

Oh dear, the purple hair, fluorescent pink cuffs, mullet, blue substance pretending to be a beverage! It's not good!    

Lobster and Swan's post Pick and Mix for Grown Ups got me thinking about being a "grown up". It's true that I'm now more likely to get excited about pretty tea towels than actual pick and mix (not that I would ever turn down sweets of course!) and it got me thinking about when you know you are officially a "grown up", and I compiled a little list:

~ You have plural keys, not just your front door key
~ You start carrying hand cream around with you
~ You no longer put sugar in your coffee, but ask for an extra shot instead
~ You have a degree (and feel no cleverer for it!)
~ Topshop start selling "Made In [the decade after you were born]" t-shirts
~ You start clipping images from Ideal Home magazine and saving them in a scrapbook
~ You spend far too much money on cleaning products
~ New socks and sheets make you happy
~ You get excited about soft furnishings 
~ Escape to the Country has become your favourite TV programme

There are definitely more, and your ideas about being a grown up are probably very different to mine...does anyone have any others?

I'll end with a picture of us, eight years later, all grown up:



  1. For me being grown up means being super excited about the days when I do NOT have to drive the car. LOL

  2. Haha, I know what you mean, I've been driving about 6 years now, and it looses it's novelty after about 6 months doesn't it! I'm quite happy to be a passenger these days! xxx