There's no place like London

Afternoon everybody! This is a slightly late post really, but having a deadline last week has pushed TITATIH to the bottom of my to do list. But now it's handed in, I can get back on it and I want to fill you in on out latest trip to the capital.    

We went down to see Turning the World Upside Down, a collection of four sculptural pieces by Anish Kapoor. It really warrants its own post it was so amazing and it was great to dip back into the art world again.

The exhibition was in Kensington Gardens, and we had a lovely morning wandering round, cooing over dogs and listening to all the owners trying to call their's back to them. There must have been about 50 dogs in the park at any one time! We walked back through Hyde Park, and when we reached marble arch, my boyfriend was trying to be a tourist, while I was messing about getting in front of the camera.

Then of course, we walked past Selfridges. Except we didn't walk past...there are macarons in could we walk past! We only bought four, a salted butter caramel one each, a blackcurrant and chocolate, and a chocolate hazelnut. 

Then we went and found a cup of tea, and gobbled them up! The salted caramel was one of the best things I've ever eaten!

I was sad when it was gone!

Then we decided that a little bit of food had made us hungry enough for tea, so we trundled along to Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden. We'd just ordered our antipasti plank when I had a slight heart attack...Genaro Contaldo, the man that taught Jamie Oliver to cook Italian and one of my favourite favourite chefs was standing in the restaurant, wearing whites and signing recipe books. Eeep! Our waiter noticed my panic attack, and came over to check everything was ok. When I told him why I was hyperventilating, he only laughed a little bit, and said that if I bought a book, he would get Genaro to sign it for me after our meal. So, after dessert, said waiter wandered off to the kitchen with a copy of Italian Home Cooking, and came back with Genaro! I thought I was going to die, but he was so lovely and easy to talk to. He sat with us for a good five minutes talking about London and how he helped Jamie set up the restaurant chain and said I should come down and visit the kitchens. We had a photo taken, then he shook my hand, and I managed to forget to get the book signed! But I don't care, my favourite Italian man is hugging me!

After all the excitement, we decided we couldn't really afford to see a show which was the original plan, so we went for a walk into Leister Square, then back past our favourite sweet shop to stock up for a bit of a feast back at the hotel.

We bought Pretzel M&Ms (I'm addicted to salt an sweet together I think!), some Wonka chocolate, tropical Skittles (Kiwi skittles are yummy!), Cherry Pepsi, and these amazing little candy buttons that remind me of the sweet shop in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. They're really pretty and feel like you're eating something from the 50s! 

Day 2, and we went for our usual walk down regent street, then came back for a wander round the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden. 

Almond croissant, coffee and strawberries for breakfast - standard practice!

A rainbow of Crocs! I love these shoes for summer, and I treated myself to an electric blue and brown pair.

Harry Potter wands in Hamleys - I may have bought one, and it may have been Arthur Weasley's (Shh!) You get a little brass name clip too though, which unfortunately means I have to start an actual collection now!

A girl can't go in Anthropologie without making a little purchase, so I made two...

This balsam scented candle was in the sale, and the balsam fig solid perfume is the yummiest smelling thing ever! (Oh as well as salt and sweet, I'm a bit addicted to figs too!)

Then it was cake time, so we headed back to Ella's Bakehouse in Covent Garden.


We went for peanut butter, Oreo and caramel cupcakes.

They were yummy. Just look at my insane cake face! 

After a really lovely couple of days, we we're sleepy and chilly, so decided we'd get some lunch then head north back to Leeds. We went to the Fine Burger Company at Kings Cross station, and it was really really good! They're all about upgrading the fast food style restaurant, and making burgers that are actually made from meat and that don't taste of the box they've been sitting in. I also liked it because the onion rings are GINORMOUS, and they're whole pieces of onion. The onion this was made from could have won a rosette in a village show!    


Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about our little trip. I have another post coming up about the Kapoor show, so stay tuned folks! 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. this is an old post which has been suggested by your blog to me and I couldn't say no to a trip to London. YOU HUGGED GENARO CONTALDO!? you star! He's a charmer...
    Now I see why they hire you at Macarons and more... you are an expertise at it! tasting them everywhere and making them from scratch (which is no joke).