Silver white Winters that melt into Springs

Here's this Friday's round up of my favourite and best things this week...

Cake! Banoffee Pie made by the gorgeous boyfriend, and said boyfriends coffee and caramel birthday cake, made by moi. 

These two dresses from Zara. I love the dusky blue paired with bright red shoes.

My new Moleskine Recipe Journal. Obviously this one isn't mine, I haven't dared to write in it yet! 

These stunning interior and food photos by Emma Lee, spotted via Tea for Joy

"Clarice Bean: What Planet are you From?" by Lauren Child. 

I have long been a Charlie and Lola fan (hence my frequent use of the phrase "favourite and best") but had never ever read a Clarice Bean book. That was until this week when I very nearly weed myself in Waterstones because Clarice Bean's Grandad butters his tie into his sandwich halfway through the story. Amazing! 

Last but not least in my list of favourite things this week Mother. 

This picture explains it all.

Right, best be off as my favourite and my best thing this week is not the mountain of washing that's sitting on the living room floor right now! 

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