Richard Of York Gave Battle {In} Vain

Thought I'd show you my attempt at Katie of Good Life Eats' Rainbow Cookies, which made my head explode last week. You can get the full recipe from her blog, but I thought I'd show you a little photo round up of my colourful cookies! 

Cookie dough, divided into six (Impressively, Katie's recipe halved made 660g of dough, making it super easy to divide up), coloured with gel food colourings.

Wrapped in cling film and chilling out in the fridge with the lemon curd and pickled onions.

Rolled into 3 x 4.5 inch rectangles (Katie suggests 6 x 9 inches, but I halved the recipe), wrapped in cling film and chilled a bit more.

Stacked in rainbow order, sans indigo because you know, we don't want too many E numbers do we! Wrapped in more cling film (recyclable thankfully) and chilling for a third time.

Trimed off edges for a perfect rectangle. (Note the offcuts, very sharp knife and lefty ruler for mathematical perfection!) 

I didn't want to waste all the offcuts, so I cut them into small squares, lined them up and rolled them into a sausage shape, then cut the sausage into four, pieced it back together battenberg style, and squished it into a fat rectangle.

Both the offcut block and the actual block were put in the freezer till very firm, then sliced up and baked.

Off cut cookies, before and after baking.

Before. Don't they look like those erasers you used to collect!

And after. I realised after I missed out the final chilling step. They were supposed to be returned to the freezer after slicing to minimise spreading, but they didn't spread too much really.

As you can see this recipe made quite a few biscuits, and I still have half the dough in the freezer, so if you made Katie's full recipe you'd have four times this amount.

A few tips:

~ This ended up being pretty much a whole morning recipe with all the chilling involved, so allow plenty of time.

~ Re-use your cling film, or you'll use up a whole roll!

~ When slicing, wipe the knife between each one so you don't drag the colour through all the layers.

~ Don't try to eat them in secret, you will definitely get a blue or green tongue!

~ Display on a pretty platter or plate, I found this diamond (or parallelogram!) shaped one in my favourite junk shop for £1, along with a rectangular one identical the the one I bought in January.

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