Over the top I go

My instructions were simple: Buy a birthday card. 

What I heard was "Could you spend all afternoon faffing about with ribbons, buttons and glue to make a completely over the top birthday banner that doesn't fit in an envelope please?"

But of course I can!

My argument to the boyfriend who can't stand bunting or banners of any kind was that writing the usual birthday card stuff on the back of the heart in the middle made it count as a card! Hopefully his brother doesn't have the same aversion, as his house is where it's headed!

If you'd like to make your own, here's how:

  • Print three sheets of your chosen pattern onto thin white card. I used this mustard yellow dotty wrapping paper from gift-wrapit.com.
  • Reload the sheets of card into the printer, and print them again with the letters of your message. The font a used is Alfredo Heavy Hollow, and you can get it here
  • Roughly cut out the letters and glue them onto you chosen backing paper, I chose kraft. I also cut out a heart to go between the two words, edged it with black sharpie and stuck this down too.

  • I left the sheets between two heavy books to make sure they were definitely stuck. When you're sure they're not coming apart, cut them out.

  • To go between each letter and the next I printed these Vintage Fabric Tapes from Pugly Pixel onto white card, glued them onto some black and white spotty paper, left to dry, then cut them out. You could use decorative masking tape, fabric scraps or scrapbook paper.
  • Lay the whole banner out to work out how much ribbon you need. 

  • Cut the ribbon to length and make a small loop at each end so it can be hung. Fix these by stitching on a small button.
  • Glue all the letters and tapes along the length of the ribbon, trying to keep them evenly spaced.
  • Add a button to the top of each tape, a ribbon bow to the centre of the heart, and you're done.


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