It's Blossom Time

Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a wonderful week enjoying the impromptu sun we've had!

My fellow Norfolkian from Wellies and Vogue pointed out today that bloggers seem to have a spring ritual of blossom photography. This made me giggle and feel a bit silly, as when you look around, it does seem that everyone's doing it, and I seem to be one of them. I took these with my phone on my way into town today.

Not quite blossom, just a perfectly formed daffodil. 

I was on way into Headingly to buy a few bits for a project I'll show you a bit later, and instead of walking the usual way, I went through a woody area known as Woodhouse Ridge, a series of paths built into a steep ridge between two main roads. It's weird being in what feels like a forest but with road noise either side of you.

I don't really know what this bit of concrete is left over from, but the graffiti quote is fun:

"Art is anything out of place of the norm"

It's a shame really they didn't make it look a bit better...but I suppose that's the point!

It's a really nice walk, and there is a surprising amount of wildlife around, squirrels, about a million magpies, wood pigeons, a robin and a wagtail which let me follow it for ages, then flew off just as I tried to take a photo. I also nearly had the biggest bumble bee in the world (it honestly was!) fly down my ear, which caused my to jump around like a loon right into some stinging nettles!   

At the end of the ridge is a big old house who's name gave me serious Cornwall pangs:

Roll on summer! 

I've got nearly a week off now, and I have a lot of posts I need to catch up on, so stay tuned. 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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