Whats In Your Bag?

Hi all!

I noticed that Kerry at the The Seventy Tree was taking part in the Dos Family "Whats in you bag tour", and it looked fun, so I decided to play too. Here is the contents of my bag:

My current bag is a Francesco Biasia laptop bag I got from TK Maxx about a year ago, and it contains, from left to right-ish:

☆  Nearly empty Cath Kidston tissues I got for Christmas.
☆  My beloved Vivienne Westwood purse which was a 21st Birthday present from my boyfriend.
☆  A reserve packet of tissues for when the others run out - Mr Sneeze ones too!
☆  A really long beaded necklace.
☆  Keys.
☆  Sunglasses - Just incase it suddenly becomes Summer!
☆ A felt heart decoration that never got stuffed.
  Various hairbands and grips.
☆  Make up bag which could have it's own photo, everything is stuffed in there paracetamol and plasters to lipstick.
☆  A little porcelain Christmas decoration given to me as a thank you gift. 
☆  Pens.
☆  My magnetic bracelet. The clap is broken so it lives in my bag.
☆  Cath Kidston ticket/travel card case, with every train ticket I've bought since last September. I don't know why.
☆  Tampon tin.
☆  Tiny kraft paper notebook with "Ideas and Plans" written on the cover.
☆  Compact mirror.
☆  Tyrozets throat lozenges.
☆  My lucky conker. My Dad gave it to me before a driving lesson years ago.
☆  A bookmark from Cornwall my parents sent me a few weeks ago.

There we are. Wondering where all the crumpled up bits of paper and receipts are? Well they're all squished inside my purse so that when it comes to paying for anything I can never find the right card! I will clear them all out one day....maybe. It's no wonder really is it that my shoulder always hurts! 

If you want to join in with the game visit the Dos family blog here. Their blog is lovely too.

Have a nice day everyone

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