Twist, Lick, Dunk

Afternoon. I was just looking through some old photos on my phone and found some I took last time I was home when my sister and I made Oreo brownies and tried out her new fangled cup cake machine. 

Lovely gooey Oreo brownies. These were created by Lorraine Pascale, model turned chef and owner of Ella's Bakehouse in Covent Garden. You can find the recipe here.

My sister got a Breville Cupcake Maker for Christmas, but hadn't tried it out yet. I was incredibly sceptical about this, certain that there was no way it would work. So we gave it a go, whipped up some chocolate cake batter, plonked it in the cases in the little holes...

...and closed the lid, which by the way felt like the most ridiculous thing ever...

...and I spent the next eight minutes saying "This is so silly, you can't put cake batter in a sandwich toaster, they're going to be all dry an burnt, this is a waste of time" etc, etc. But when the eight minutes was up and we opened the lid, we found these...

...fairly respectably looking chocolate fairy cakes! I was surprised. However, while they look very good and have nice domed tops that would take a mound of icing very well, they were a little dry and had a definite shop-bought-ness about them. Also, you can only bake small fairy cakes, as the holes in the machine won't take muffin case, and you can only do eight at a time, so by the time you have done 3 lots of eight to get your normal 24 cakes, you could have baked them all in the oven, washed up and made the icing. So, I don't think I'd use it again, but if you needed perfectly domed cakes then it might have it's uses. 

Now we had a dilemma, what to do with the other packet of Oreos. In fact, it wasn't a dilemma at all. We ripped open the packet, grabbed a biscuit and a glass of milk each and proceeded to:

Twist It!

Lick it!

Dunk it!

Then shoved the soggy biscuit into our mouths as quickly as possible, resulting in ridiculous amounts of giggling and silly faces!

oh dear!

Looking through those has really cheered me up on this most miserable of miserable days! Honestly, go get some milk, Oreos and a second person to scoff them all with you, it's guaranteed to put you in a good mood, as will this:

If the boy's triumph at the end doesn't make you smile, you're not normal! 

Ok, enough of Oreos now. I have a very long post about London to write!

 See you later! 

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