I've spent the last half an hour making this pretty kraft paper kusudama flower and just wanted to share it with you. 

I found the tutorial at Folding Trees via Eat Drink Chic, who's creator Amy used it in here bachelorette party favours. I'm not sure what to do with mine, but I think they could be very pretty hanging against a wall, though they might need a bit of a trim so they will sit flush.

This reminded me of something I got totally obsessed with when I was about 15 but haven't made for years. Way back then, my boyfriend bought me a little packet of coloured paper strips which were folded up and puffed out to make tiny wishing stars. Japanese girls make these stars and fill a jar with them to give to a boy they like, sometimes with messages written on them so when the admired unfolds them he can read his tiny love letters. How cute is that! I wondered if I could remember how to make them....

and I can! 

I decided to play with iphoto to make this tutorial: 

Enjoy - you'll have hundreds soon, they're pretty addictive! 


  1. This is so sweet. I can see why it would be addictive. Have a great weekend. PS: I got the tea towel from ebay.

  2. Thanks Simone! Everyone always finds such amazing things on ebay, I've never had much luck! xxx