I've got my mind set on you!

Hello everyone! 

I've been spending far too much time recently trawling Style Me Pretty, and saving millions and billions of images!  Today I found this totally amazing slideshow by Jenna Cole Photography and just had to share it with you. Richard and Lauren had this photo booth set up for their guests to play with. It's completely hilarious and the song just makes we want to dance.

Calame Wedding Photo Booth from Jenna on Vimeo.

Double click to see it bigger. Isn't it amazing!

In other news, I have had a lovely afternoon making drawstrings bags which I can't show you yet as they're a present for a little person who's not even here yet! 

Also, I think it might be the windiest day ever! Our wheelie bin just blew over and the letter box it rattling. I'm a bit scared!  


  1. That is so funny. How about the babys headgear at the beginning!? Adorably crazy.

  2. My favourite part is the sudden appearance of the cows! I love it! xx