Snowflakes that stay on my noes and eyelashes...

Hi all. I've decided that as my sort-of-new-years-resolution was to take more photos, I'm going to make Friday my round up of my favourite things from the past week day! Hopefully this will encourage me to take more photos, but I'm also going to include things I've found online, and seen or heard out and about. Hopefully you'll all enjoy it! 

This week's line up is:

Sugar free peanut butter and St Dalfour raspberry jam (also sugar free, I'm clearly not anti-sugar, but they're both much nicer for the lack of it!) 

It's also good on white toast from the bakery - or on just about anything!

The vegetables for my rainbow chilli

A brand new tin of coloured pencils

and this image, from EmersonMade, found via :

My newest favourite blog, Lovely Indeed.

My lovely Valentines day card which has filled my handbag with blue glitter!


 Planning our next London trip 
Watching House M.D in bed till 2 in the morning
Flourless chocolate cake courtesy of Sophie Dahl
Buying birthday presents for best friends, and making presents for soon to be new ones!

I hope you've all had a lovely week too, have a smashing weekend! 

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