Oh the danger of the January sales!

Morning! How is everyone this fine morning?

I decided yesterday that I should not be left on my own with a computer all day...it leads to an un-affordable amount of shopping, and when everywhere is having a sale, it feels like you just have to buy things! 

I did get some complete bargains though, from my very favourite shop Anthropologie. They seem to have further reduced their sale prices, because I'm sure things were more expensive when I last looked! 

I'm in love with Anthropologie, and it's also one of the few shops my boyfriend is happy to walk round for the hour I'm usually in there. I particularly love their home department, which is really different and arty, and surprisingly totally affordable!  Yesterday I finally bought two of these:

I picked them up in London in the summer, but put them back because they were £24, and I wanted two.  Yesterday when I went looking for them online however, I was totally chuffed to find they had been reduced to £4.95 and they still had nearly all the letters! So I added a 'D' and an 'E' to my basket, and continued onto clothes.

Some of the clothes are gorgeous, but I usually go in to the shop, try them on, them put them back and mope about because I can't afford anything. But here is the magic of the January sale! I bought this jacket:

Now, I didn't need another coat, having bought three this winter, but this was £19.95 reduced from £118! I would have been a crime to leave it behind really wouldn't it! Then I found this cardigan:

For starters, the name is brilliant! I saw this when it was full price, and had one of those 'one day I'll be able to spend £128 on a cardigan and not feel guilty' moments, so I was delighted to find it had also been reduced to £19.95! 

A very successful shop all in all! Now I just have to wait for it all to arrive and hope everything fits me! I think as they were so cheap I might just have to make them fit!

My little spree didn't stop there though! I've got a bit of a thing about food and craft magazines at the moment, I bought about 10 in the run up to Christmas, and last week I found another good one, Making Magazine. I bought issue three from the newsagent, and me being me, I was getting panicky because I had missed 2, so I spent £12 on back issues:


Lovely. It really is a good magazine. I was a bit worried it was going to be a bit commercial and have projects in that you could only do if you have a fancy paper cutting machine or a super duper sewing machine. But it's not, it's really varied and has patterns printed throughout that just need enlarging on a photocopier.

Wow, that was another huge post, serves me right for not doing any blogging for ages! I'll be back tomorrow I expect, got a few more bits and pieces to share with you all! 

Have a lovely day, I hope the sun is shining where you are! 


  1. very cute blog!

    lots of nice ideas :)


  2. Aw thank you so much! I'm winging my way over to your blog right now! :) xxx