Glass Galore

Yesterday I paid a quick visit to my favourite little junk shop, paid a grand total of £3.00, and came away with a box full of glass goodies! 

Firstly, I spotted this old dressing table set, with a tray, two candle holders and a trinket dish which the lady who owned it before me used for talc and a powder puff, so the whole set was completely covered in a layer of white powder! Not being into talc myself, I'm planning on using the dish to keep my jewellery in on my bedside table, as I'm forever loosing earrings and bracelets down the side of my bed after taking them off in the middle of the night!

I love candles, but I'm not really into the tapered dinner kind, and much prefer container ones. These candle holders however make an absolutely perfect base for turning vintage crockery into a pretty cake plate.

I also bought two adorable glass plates with little feet which will be great mixed with other glass pieces as part of a dessert table spread.

Last into my box was a set of five dessert glasses, not to be used for desserts as you can imagine... 

But for more stacking and gluing of crockery....

I think they make really pretty elegant bases, and the glass allows the plates to be the main focus of the piece. Being quite tall, they would give a nice sense of height to a table. I'm also starting to fall in love with glass and white crockery mixed together. 

Once I'd started playing I couldn't stop, so I pulled out few other bits and pieces and came up with this...

I'm not sure yet whether to glue it or not yet, going to spend some time looking and playing with it some more before I decide, because once it's glued, there's no going back! 

Hope you're all having a good Friday...the weekends nearly here! 

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