Crockery Creations


Just a quick post to show you something I've been making recently.Do you remember weeks ago I said I had been making a Christmas Surprise, well I've finally remembered to show you what it was.

I love vintage crockery, but the prettiest bits always seem to be odd, unless you want to pay loads for a full set! 

So recently I have been collecting bits that look pretty together, then stacking and gluing them together to make pretty cake and jewellery stands.


This is the first one I made. The plates came from the junk shop at the end of my road, and the espresso and egg cups came from ikea. I also found a tea light holder in ikea, that turned upside down became the perfect base. 

I'm quite pleased with it, but I'd rather not have used the pieces from ikea, because they're so much heavier than the plates. Of course it looks much better with cake...

These white chocolate cheesecake brownies were made by my wonderful boyfriend yesterday, and they are seriously the best cakes I've ever eaten! They're fudgy and chewy, and the edges are really crispy! Perfect! 

I've made another stand recently too, which I gave to my sister for Christmas (that Christmas surprise I was on about!) and she's planning on using it as a jewellery stand. I totally forgot to take any photographs, but I am happier with the second one, and will try to get some photographs soon.  

I recently saw a similar handmade stand being sold in a vintage shop for £35. I'd love to make these to sell at craft fairs and such, but what do you think, would anyone buy them?  I'd love yo know what you think. 

I hope everyone's having a brilliant day. Much love x