40 posts in, it's time for grilled goods and new shoes...

Happy Friday Evening everyone, and welcome to my fortieth post on TITATIH! I have a feeling a new design may be in order soon.... 

Yesterday a very large exciting parcel arrived...

And those of you with good memories may have guessed it was my Anthropologie order! Unfortunately the jacket was out of stock, but I am so pleased with the other things. The cardigan is already well worn in, and the two printers letter stands are awaiting their arrangement on our future bedside tables! It's little things like this that make me love Anthropologie:

The invoice doesn't come stuck to the box in an annoying plastic sleeve, but in a lovely little embossed paper wallet, now filled away with the others for later use! 

On to today. I decided I'd had enough of reading, so I went shopping! I meant to buy a pair or jeans...which I did, but I also bought some new underwear, a huge flower corsage, and an abundance of pretty socks:

New socks, along with new sheets are some of my favourite things in the world! The nude ones have the same pattern as the grey, but you can't really see it till they stretch out. I also bought some very sensible half price shoes (Reduced from £80!)

And a second pair of very sensible shoes for £19 (Reduced from £75!) I like how they show my tattoo and (to use Gok Wans words) toe cleavage!

And a pretty blouse, which doesn't really count as I spent the last of my Christmas pennies on it. 

I'm thinking it can wear it with loose with jeans and flats, or with a high waisted skirt and my tan heels.

After a long day in town, I felt the need to eat a huge tea, so I had the biggest plate of pasta ever, followed by fruit with yoghurt, honey and smashed up amaretti biscuits, then some toast with peanut butter, grilled bananas and more honey, which was so yummy, and not as my boyfriend said, the ickiest thing ever!  

Right, I need to stop both eating and spending money now! Window shopping only for the next month...if only I thought I could do it! 
Have a good weekend everyone 

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