This weeks junk shop finds

Afternoon everyone! Hopefully everyone has survived the snow and managed to enjoy it while it lasted! It's just about all gone now, with just a few icy patches about, so I finally got out for a run this morning after two weeks of not going for fear of doing more sliding around on my bum. Despite the ice this week, we also managed a visit to "the man at the end of the road". This man (who's name remains unknown to me after 3 years of walking past his shop almost every day) does house clearances, then sells what he collects in his little shop 'Junk Again', which is conveniently, or perhaps dangerously, right at the end of out road! 

He always has a million things I'd like to buy but don't have the money or room for, but this week he surpassed himself with a gorgeously worn in, dark red, button backed Chesterfield couch, for FOURTY POUNDS! I know....fourty pounds! We did some phoning around to see if anyone has room to store it for us until we get our own place...but to no avail, and I had to walk away and leave it for someone else to love. 

So, to cheer myself up, I bought a few slightly smaller treasures instead:

Can you believe these five things only cost £2! I always come away feeling like I've robbed the man, but he insists it's a air price, and I never argue too much! A little look in detail at my bargains:

This lovely wobbly glass cake plate

A pretty butterfly embossed serving plate with a handle, which goes perfectly with my magic chrome cake stand:

A cute red and white striped pot which I think is incredibly Christmassy, and is destined to be filled with co-ordinating candy canes.

And lastly a brass can, which as soon as we have a garden (or even a windowsill in the kitchen!) will have holes poked in the bottom and a basil plant planted inside. Oh how I dream of a windowsill...sad isn't it!

Oh, and I also got the brown crock pot you can see in the background, lovely and homely, and I think perfect for a tagine or maybe a thick chunky vegetable soup. Lots of little things, for not many pennies! Sort of makes up for the £7.50 I paid to have one blouse dry cleaned doesn't it!

Right, I'm off to make something Christmassy to try out on my cake plate. 

Ta Ta x 

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