A Little Christmas Pudding

On Monday nights, I volunteer with a local art group for adults with learning difficulties, and tomorrow is our Christmas party! Each of us brings something to eat or drink, and everyone generally eats too much sugar and has a lovely time! 

I decided to make some mini Christmas pudding brownies to take with me. They're adapted from a recipe in Eat Me! with a few tweaks to make them less cakey and more gooey and brownie-like.

I turned the baked brownies upside down, and glazed the tops with a little glacĂ© icing (which now I think about it would have been great with a splash of brandy) and these adorable holly and berry sprinkles which you can buy here.

It will also be a good excuse to use my new cake plate, I think they compliment each other quite well...

Night all, just two weeks left till Christmas! 

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