'Cause You're Amazing

Morning! For the second day in a row, I find myself stuck indoors hiding from the snow! It's not actually snowing at the moment, but it's bitterly cold, and Leeds has gone into shut down! So with no work to go to, I made some hot chocolate, put on "The Holiday" and set about some blog perusing.

I am ACTUALLY TOTALLY AMAZED by the two websites I stumbled upon.

I found the first via this post over at Polkadot Prints (where by the way they are offering a FREE printable advent calendar!) 

Creature Comforts is a blog "celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing" and a totally inspirational haven of fashion, crafts and amazingly of all, completely free printables and tutorials.

One of my favourites is this, and when the snow goes away, I will be off out to buy Fimo to make this pretty little garland:

and if garlands are your thing, take a look at this DIY Garland Roundup for some lovely ideas. There is a whole section devoted to Projects and Freebies and I just can't believe it's all really free! I've already downloaded some beautiful wrapping paper, and wouldn't you just love to know how to make make one of these:

A bunting roller! How exciting is that! I think I would put it on every piece of paper I own!

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Creature Comforts is their (surprise surprise) FREE digital magazine Gifted. It is packed full of inspiration and ideas for Christmas presents, decorations, and some behind the scenes looks into the lives of crafters. It took me a good hour and a half to get through it, and I would happily have paid for it!

So thank you Creature Comforts...you are amazing!

Via Creature Conforts I also found the tremendous Pugly Pixel (I mean how cute is that name to begin with) This blog is literally stuffed full of freebies and tutorials perfect for bloggers. Like this:

A set of vintage fabric decorative digital tapes, perfect for "taping" images into your blog, scrapbook style!

I also found these:

Clip Art Sequins! This is just so exciting...just think of the possibilities...

Pugly Pixel also offers a membership service, for $5 per month. This gives you access to loads more resources, editable Photoshop Documents, and the premium member starter kit. You can find out more, and sign up here!

Thank you Pugly Pixel...you are also amazing!

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