But we're not even Engaged!

So, we're not getting married yet...not even close, but I have just spent the last 2 hours swooning over Delphine Manivet's gorgeous website. Like most girls, I've been dreaming about my wedding dress since I was about 8, and always thought I would have to go couture to get my perfect gown, but perhaps not. Just look at some of Manivet's designs...

(all images copyright Delphine Manivet)

I love the way this drapes onto the floor

Mmm...backless loveliness!

Gorgeous Full Skirt

I do love backless dresses

And this may be down more to the adorable little girl and the meadow, but isn't this the cutest dress you've ever seen?

Delphine Manivet has boutiques in Paris and London, and also a shop which carries her gowns in NYC.  I'm a bit in love with the idea of going to Paris to buy a wedding dress actually! I have a feeling I've got a long while to wait, but with friends and family getting engaged left right and centre there's no harm in looking right? 


  1. wow wow wow.. right second wedding I am definitely wearing the backless one.. so beautiful!

  2. Haha. I know they're all so gorgeous, it's a shame really isn't it that most of us only get to choose one wedding dress. Maybe when it's my turn I'll sneak in a costume change or two! x

  3. Oh I love that second dress. So pretty. Happy planning. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx