Blogging by Candlelight

It's such a miserable day outside! It's only twenty past two, but I just looked up from my screen to find myself sitting in near darkness, with only the candles flickering!

I've had a very interesting and eventful week despite the drizzle. To start I GRADUATED! I now officially officially have a degree...

...except of course that the scroll posing convincingly as a certificate is actually a plastic tube..shh! To celebrate, my Mum and Dad took me and my boyfriend to Jamie's can imagine my excitement. Three courses later (one of them being a raspberry and amaretto brownie) we had a stroll round the German Christmas Market, supposedly to work it off, but somehow involving a hotdog for my Dad and Boyfriend.

I found the most brilliant cupcake hat ever!

and I decided that Coke Advert or not, it is definitely Christmas!

"Holidays Are Coming"

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