Tea anyone?

Hi all! It's been a while since my last post, but as I'm back at Uni, T.I.T.A.T.I.H is going to have to take a slight backseat. 

I couldn't resist however showing off my latest find from my favourite vintage shop, Retro Boutique in Leeds. It's always exciting when we've been home for a long while to go into the shop for the first time, because after a 12 week summer you can guarantee their entire stock will have changed. The shop is not run by one person, but split into little sections, all run by different owners, so it's really like 15 little market stalls all under one roof. 

My favourite corner of the shop is run by somebody called Sugs (I have no idea who Sugs actually is, but in my imagination, he is definitely a member of Madness), and it often has lots of kitchen bits and pieces. Last week, while having a little stroll round, I found this:

What is that you may ask. Well, for one it's incredibly difficult to take a photograph of because it's so shiny, but if you fold out the sides and give the middle a spin...

It turns into a magical cake stand! It's made from chrome, and I think from the 1960's. It's really pretty, with delicately punched edges and foliage-like engraving in the centre of the plates. The handle and base are also engraved with filigree type patterns. 

I just can't wait for an occasion to use it. I think it would look perfect with a tower of macarons on each plate, or some extremely British crustless cucumber sandwiches and mini scones with cream jam. Perhaps I'll make my boyfriend and I afternoon tea for when he gets back from Uni...I'm not sure he'd be very impressed, probably preferring a huge coffee and a muffin the size of his head. 

Never mind hey, I can dream!  

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