No, it's not my birthday yet, but I did get some exciting things in the post yesterday!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a few things I found from CSN Stores, and thanks to the lovely Eileen I am now able to do a review for you! 

I really struggled to decide what to buy. The website is huge, with I'm told over 1,000,000 products. I decided to stick to what I know and browse the Kitchen department where I found these:

Two Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knives - one in Fuchsia and one in Lime. 

I think sharp knives are one of the most important kitchen utensil, and how could I resist these rainbow coloured ones! CSN stuck to their promise of offering the lowest prices online, the Fuchsia one was £3.99 and the Lime one only £2.99. (Their R.R.P is £4.99 each) They were also really quick to deliver, and there is a useful order tracking section on the website.

Back to the knives...

These knives are sharp - I'm talking Excalibur sharp! They easily cut through everything I could find in the fridge, including a melon without any disasters. They have non-stick blades so they don't create any friction, and food slides easily off them.


 (I know this is an apple - but I ate the melon!)

I really like that they come with individual sheaths, so you can keep them in a drawer, and they won't either go blunt, or chop your fingers of while you're rummaging about for something. They would also be useful for taking on picnics or in the car. I like them so much, I bought a purple one too. Things are always better in odd numbers:


They might not be top chef quality, but they're good enough for me! I think if they were any sharper I'd be scared of them, and they're much more fun than boring black knives, though they do come in black too as well as blue and yellow. I want them all!

Thank you CSN for this lovely opportunity - and there's another review still to come!


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