I just ♥ this...

...absolutely adorable Handkerchief Tissue Holder made by the amazing Simone at Beach Vintage!

I like the idea of handkerchiefs in pretty lace and vintage prints, but in practice, they're not hugely hygienic, so I love this clever idea to put them somewhere close to their intended use. It's such a clever and simple idea, you could have one for every room, car or office you are likely to require a tissue in. A quick ebay search uncovered...

These pretty vintage style floral ones - the scalloped edges are cute and they're super cheap.

Some much more masculine checked ones - I'm fairly sure my Grandad still uses almost identical ones.

and these gorgeous children's ones - educational and practical, I like it!

I'm bidding on a selection of 10 from the first picture, so if I win I'll post pictures of my attempt at Simone's fantastic tutorial!

Wish me luck ♣   

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  1. great print on the handkerchiefs. :)
    let us know when you won them.