A taste of things to come...

I've just returned from a wonderful trip to London, where I have been spoiled rotten by my lovely boyfriend. I'm far too sleepy to post properly now, but I wanted to give you a little glimpse of what we got up to...and this way I won't forget. So...starting yesterday:

- Primrose Bakery
- Magic Sweets
- Jamie Oliver
- Strand Palace
- Hamleys
- Penn and Teller
- Derren Brown
- Coffee, Croissants and Strawberries
- Sapphires
- Anthropologie
- Hummingbird Bakery
- Whoopie Pies
- Pierre Hermé
- Vom Fass
- Hyde Park
- Harrods
- Blueberry Cordial
- and a super expensive cake...

...It doesn't seem possible looking at that list that we spent less than 48 hours in the city...I guess we were just extra efficient! I'm a couple of posts behind (I have another dairy free cake update!)  but I will get around to posting this fully tomorrow hopefully. Now it's time to wash the London-ness off my face, and go to sleep.

Night Night

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