A little bit of Lemon

Just a quick one to show off my latest dairy free accomplishment - double lemon cupcakes with lemon icing and ribbon roses:

These came out really lovely, with lemon juice and zest in the cake, and more lemon juice in the icing. I also think I've cracked the dairy free code, and could now make pretty much any recipe work!

I was particularly pleased with the teeny lemon yellow roses made out of fondant, and I got to play with my new edible glitter! 

I was a bit concerned that white glitter might be more dandruff than dazzling - but it looks really lovely, and instantly makes a cake look much more professional - now I just need lots more colours please!

I also decided I like these brown muffin cases - they're really inexpensive in Asda, and are a really nice size for cupcakes as they leave plenty of room for icing, and you still get a decent amount of cake! They come in a little box, half white and half brown, and are my new favourite!

Here's another picture with a little more detail:

Double Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon icing and Ribbon Roses
(for Donna)


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