Jamie Oliver, A Silly Hat and Vintage Mr. Men

Yesterday was my boyfriends Graduation, the official ceremony of dressing up in silly clothes and shaking hands with people you've never met! It really was a lovely day though, and it was with immense pride that I watched him ascend the stage steps a student, and descend a graduate. If someone had told me when we first got together, that we'd be here celebrating him getting a degree seven years later, I'd never have believed them, not because I have ever doubted his ability, but because we've both changed and grown so much over those years. If we were not returning to study for Masters degrees, we'd be getting jobs now and thinking about buying a house - when I think we both still feel 14 and 16! We've still got two years of Leeds left, him studying Music Production for a year, and me Art Psychotherapy (which I still can't spell) for two, so in the next 2 years, we have another 3 graduations to go to. It's just a shame we won't ever be dressing up in the silly clothes together!

After the ceremony, he, his parents and I went to Jamie's Italian in Leeds (I'm sure that my love for Jamie Oliver will slowly become apparent!) The food there is really amazing, and the service, design and general atmosphere is lovely. We started with an antipasti plank of cured meats, cheese and bread, great olive oil, chillies, olives, and the nicest balsamic vinegar I've ever tasted. I then had the prawn linguini, while my boyfriend went for meatball pappardelle, his Mum the best ever burger with polenta chips, and his Dad fish in a bag, a whole fish cooked in a big tin-foil parcel! I only managed to get one photo, of my dessert:

Affogato - the most amazing vanilla ice cream, in a little glass cup and saucer, with a shot of hot espresso poured on top - perfect! 

And then, while we were showing his parents around Leeds, we happened to go into Waterstones where I found these:

Two gorgeous vintage print Mr. Men notebooks. I love the original Mr. Men, and was so angry when the company who make it changed them and added new ones! My car even has a Mr. Tickle number plate! The thing is, I also love stationary, and have developed a bit of a collection of empty notebooks that are just too nice to use...I think these ones may even be worthy of framing! 

So there is a little glimpse of my last few days, which also involved trains, rain, french toast, coffee, bagels and a few proud tears.

David Nickerson BSc - Apple Certified Logic Pro
Class of 2010


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