Before my eyes are Whoopie Pies!

Evening! Another little post for your perusal, and I've been baking again:

Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Marshmallow Filling

These little things have been cropping up a lot lately. They were featured on the UK Sunday morning programme Something for the Weekend, and since then I have found 2 books totally devoted to them, one of which Bakerella featured a few weeks ago. Then of course my boyfriend devoured one at the Hummingbird, and so my sister and I decided we should give them a go. 

We used Simon Rimmer's Recipe, which called for both melted chocolate and cocoa powder to be used, and for a melted marshmallow to be sandwiched between 2 of the cooled biscuits.

(Hop on over to Curiouser Cakes' post for more photos)

They looked great and were really quite tasty, though not a patch on Hummingbird. They're sort of half way between cake and biscuit, very rich, and in the case of this recipe, a touch too dry. I think next time I'll make them smaller, so they require less baking time and will hopefully be a little moister. Also, while it looked the part, a melted marshmallow just didn't feel like a substantial enough filling, so I think a marshmallow frosting, or perhaps white chocolate ganache might be the way forward. I'm also quite tempted by the peanut butter filling Bakerella used. If only I knew where to get peanut butter chips in the UK...I feel a confectionary hunt coming on very soon, but right now, it's bedtime...

Night Night 


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