Here goes nothing...

So...after months of trawling other blogs, and being inspired by the thoughts, crafts and baking of so many, I've decided to go for it and publish one of my very own! I suppose the idea came about after I set up Curiouser Cakes (a blog for my little sister to showcase her baking skills) and got jealous! I then went on to create a whole range of promotional material for her: leaflets, business cards, and cupcake picks and wrappers. Now I just have to wait until she passes her driving test so I have an excuse to give her a present!  I'll post pictures of the things a made for her a some point.

I hope you enjoy the little glimpses into my head, and hopefully this will also help me keep track of all those things you see, and love, but then lose in the oblivion that is the internet! Much love x

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